Hero the Band

Hero The Band are back with their new EP “Back To Myself”!


Spielothek plan on releasing their debut EP real soon!

Till I Fall

Till I Fall talk about their latest single, “Addictive”!

Scooped Up!

Scooped Up! are revealing the story behind their single, “TV Dinner”!

Jackknife Eddie

Jackknife Eddie reveal their single and video for “Something New”!

Movin in Stereo

Movin in Stereo talk about their second EP, “New Blood” !

With their new single “Colors”, Calling Vega are breaking new ground and taking their sound to the next level.

Calling Vega.png

Recorded and produced by Flo Nowak (Blackout Problems, Emil Bulls, Jennifer Rostock, Itchy, Alex Mofa Gang and many more) at Dailyhero Recordings in Berlin, COLORS is a piece full of energy and joy of life.

The song tells the story of finding your own path and purpose in life. Painting your life in accordance with your personal visions and finally watching the pieces come together, forming a whole.

COLORS stands for a strong attitude towards a self-aware, independent life in all its facets and music at the heart.

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