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Bury Mia is a return to the pop punk sound that stole hearts in years past. The guys have recently dropped their single “Better Off”, recorded, mixed, and produced by Grammy-nominated engineer Andrew Berlin at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO.

On this release, songwriter, Justin comments: “I wrote Better Off while decompressing from a show at a local Denver DIY venue with a great set of touring bands, Right On Kid & Dial Drive, please check them out if you haven’t heard of them. The show was amazing and every band killed it but the event lasted deep into the night, maybe 1am before I headed home and I had to work at 6am in the morning. I got through the grind of the next day and started thinking about how I’m basically two polar versions of the same guy whether I’m playing music or at work, and these different guys really don’t get along too well.

I had this really great riff already written (being the intro) and it all just took off from there. “Better Off” is for those that has had to act a certain way to get along, whether it’s with a significant other, job or you family and not letting those people run your life with their expectations. The chorus is all about throwing those pre-conceptions off and being who you want to be.”

Band picture by Max McNerney

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