Farewell in Vegas

Farewell in Vegas1Farewell in Vegas is a French Rock band which consists of Jia Dabright (vocals), Théo Brasseur (bass – guitar), François Blanckaert (guitar) and Arnaud Lefebvre (drums).

ミカサ (Mikasa)“, the bands debut single, was released in February 2016. After a year of waiting, it is finally in February 2017 that the band will resume the teasing of its EP “セレナーデ (Serenades)“, set to be released on October 20th 2017.

Tracklist :

“ミ カ サ (Mikasa)”
“ゼ ル ダ (Zelda)”
“エ ル ビ ラ (Elvira)”
“サ ク ラ (Sakura)”
“ブ ル マ (Bulma)”