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The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys talk about their single “Perfect Nine”!

Andy’s Room are an emo indie-rock outfit that effortlessly blend emotionally charged lyricism with heavily layered guitars and urgent percussions.

On their new single, “Faded Dream”, vocalist Matt McCarthy comments:

Faded Dream is a song about the uncertainty and anxiety that can cloud my thoughts when thinking about the future. Sometimes I know I want something, but I’m unsure if I am capable of committing, or capable of not being overwhelmed with the possibilities of the unknown-whether it be at work, in school, or even playing music.

The song highlights a specific emotion of despair and apathy. Writing this song helped me realize that it’s how one deals with those moments of being lost that determines the outcome of the situation at hand. I can hope and wish for something all I want, but its about how proactive I am pulling myself out of whatever negative mindset I’m in, and being disciplined, so I can move forward.

What Happened to your Band?

Band picture by Anthony Purcella