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Alt rockers Lovesblind were kind enough to answer a couple of questions for us linked to their recent and upcoming releases. Check out what we talked about below!


Hello LOVESBLIND, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Hey WHTYB! Thanks for interviewing us! We’re a five-piece band from Iowa with alt rock / pop punk influences! Brendan is our lead singer, Andrew and Alex are on guitars, Hunter on bass, and we have Nick behind the kit!

How would you describe the alt rock / pop punk scene in Iowa?

The scene in Iowa has fluctuated so much, even just over the past few years. Pockets of the state have their own histories for their local scenes… like Des Moines isn’t going to be the same as Iowa City / Cedar Rapids or the Quad Cities. But our areas are so close to each other (at least by our standards), that we all end up meeting almost everyone who tours outside of their hometown.

When you think of “bands (in general) that broke out from Iowa” the conversation usually starts and ends with Slipknot. Maybe people older than us bring up The Envy Corps or Modern Life Is War, but there’s so much more here!

And there is a good amount of up and coming alt rock / pop punk artists flying under the national radar here *right now*, all with their own unique sound.

Kayak Jones from Dubuque comes to mind, and we’re also gonna shout out some of our friends – Eugene Levy (the band, not the actor) and Five AM are making some moves right now too!

You wouldn’t expect it, but Iowa is like its own “melting pot” of so many different cultural and musical styles, so you can find a ton of creativity going on from all angles!

How did you spend your time during the quarantine? Did you guys find a way to stay in touch and keep on practicing or writing songs, even from home?

The quarantine surprisingly helped us in a lot of ways. Most of us still had to continue to work (hell yeah essential workers) but without being able to really do anything else, we were able to focus on writing. Brendan and Hunter are roommates and have a small studio set up in their house which is where we recorded “Borderlines” as well as where we record all our demos before professionally having them done with our producer Aaron Isaacson (Five AM).

You recently released your cover of Blackbear’s “Chateau” with Aaron Isaacson. Where does this idea come from?

After the release of “Borderlines” which had more of a standard pop punk feel to the song, we wanted to

A) find a way to bridge that sound with more of the “pop” elements we’re trying to implement in our writing and

B) be able to release content on a steady basis without having to unveil more of the material intended for the EP so those songs don’t become stale by its release. We have some really good friends who’ve recorded with Aaron and knew that, with his style, he was the perfect guy to work with.

This cover comes along with a music video available to watch on YouTube. How was the shooting experience? Any funny story to share with our readers?

We had an absolute blast at that shoot. We actually rented the entire mansion for the night and after wrapping just partied it up on the balcony. A lot of the screenplay our director Emille came up with didn’t end up happening, as we were all just in the moment and getting shots that just came naturally at the time. The collab between us, Joe Gibbs (our videographer), and Emille turned out great regardless. Mansions are dope, 10/10 highly recommend.

You guys plan on releasing another EP. Can you tell us some info about it? When can we expect it?

We have our demos almost entirely finished and from here we still need to select which songs will be going on it. After the great experience we had recording with Aaron, we’ll be recording the rest of the EP with him, as well as having some production done on a couple songs by our good friend Stephen Coleman (Phil Tan, SM Entertainment, more) in Austin, TX.

We’ve got dates for recording booked and plan to have everything done on our end by the end of the year, with an early 2021 release!

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making, please do not hesitate to talk about it

We realized we’re kind of part of a wave of bands/projects that started at the beginning of the pandemic – without live shows in the US, it definitely changes how we have to approach building a fanbase. But with the songs we’re working on right now (we just finished a studio session last night actually), we’re excited to find new fans!

Thanks for your time!

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