Formed with members of local Brisbane bands Pyromance, Tim Sparks Fire, Empanic and Dark Relic, Alaina is looking to hit the Brisbane music scene with a bang.


With a unique sound that allows the band to wear their influences on their sleeve, the group combines their collective years of experience with brand new, indiscriminately written, and emotionally charged music which blends into a unique cumulative sound that has been rarely heard in recent years.

The band has recently unveiled a new single, titled “Earth Means Dirt”. The latter is available to stream below for those who might have missed it!

On this release, the band comments:

Earth Means Dirt started as a kind of parody to other ‘pop punk’ styled songs, but over a few months, it grew into something with a little more depth and heart that each of us connected with in our own ways.

We tried to capture something that sounded a bit like looking into a mirror – if that were to have a sound. Something reflective that highlights someone’s imperfections or secrets that are masked by a facade. With that in our minds, we shaped the song into a happy & fun tune, but kept a bleak undertone that reminds us that everything we do in life is taking place on a massive pile of dirt.

Julien Rendina and his team were a massive help with the video, they really went above and beyond. Julien took all of our initial ideas and ran with them to create his own narrative based on his interpretation of the song. In the video we get to see how day-to-day pressures impact our characters psyche and the negative effect it has on him and the people around him. Despite the song being somewhat happy, we don’t get a happy resolution at the end of the story, because sometimes there just isn’t one.

Photo by Sebastian Ioniță

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