Rockers Sonic Break talk about their single “Collide”!

Sonic Break is an original, alt-rock act based in Vancouver and formed in 2015.

Sonic Break.png

After years of songwriting, brothers Rory and Jamie Mackay joined forces with drummer Ryan Grohn and bassist Ashish Shenoy to create their diverse sound: a melting pot of rock, grunge, and pop influences. The band is complimented by the rich harmony vocals of singer-songwriter and collaborator Anika MacKay.

The band has recently unveiled a new single, titled “Collide”, which is available to stream below! On this release, the band comments: “Collide represents going through a tough time and coming out the other side of it. Life can offer some seriously trying times, whether it be circumstance, relationships, mental health or whatever, we can all overcome our hardships in our own ways and with support and hope anything is possible. “Collide” represents this possibility both for us as individuals and as a band.”

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