Get to know Scotchka with their new single, “Save”!

Scotchka (Albany, NY) have just unveiled their new single, titled “Save”. The latter is the second single off their upcoming LP “Back on the Liquor”!


The song uses metaphors of home-invasion and leaving homes to encapsulate the feeling of living in the past and how unhealthy and dangerous doing something like that can be.

On this release, lead singer Dominick Murdock comments:

This is our one song where it is legitimately told in a storytelling style… At first, our protagonist is so obsessed with this person that he is literally breaking into their home. It’s not malicious or anything he is just legitimately mentally in a terrible place.

The chorus moves to happier sounding music while ironically, our hero realizes the girl has never really been happy… (and) he’s looked past that because he himself was so happy.

‘Even the sun’ has a double meaning, referencing both the physical sun and Christ. We thought the Christian symbolism went well with the ‘messiah tangible’ line as well as the fact that Christ would probably look down on this dude after all this.”

The band’s upcoming LP “Back on the Liquor” will be released on December 1st 2019. Save the date!

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