Introducing Seven Fly with their new single, “Fever”!

Based out of West Palm Beach FL, Seven Fly is a 4-piece Pop Punk band with an upbeat, nostalgic taste that brings energy to every show.

Seven Fly.png
Band picture by PS Express

The band has recently unveiled a new single, “Fever”, that you guys can indeed discover below! On this new song, the band comments:

The roots of the song started when over a period of time, you start to find that despite what all logic and clear signs around you may tell you, your gut feeling tends to be right.

The mind is a powerful thing, and when it comes to relationships, important life choices, or day-to-day actions, your gut feeling and own instincts are a good thing to follow especially if you often prove yourself right.

I ended up writing this Anthem to remind me to trust myself in the deepest and most difficult times, despite when others try to tell me different.”

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