Get to know Dacian Miron with single “Feelin’ Dangerous”!

Dacian Miron, a native of Tampa, Florida, is bringing back your emo days, sending you into a spiral of young adult angst!

Dacian Miron.png

Lately, he has been working on his first solo E.P “Slightly Mysterious Somewhat Delirious” set to be released later this year. Pulling inspiration from various types of music, this release is sure to spark your interest no matter your niche!

In the meantime, Dacian Miron has unveiled a music video for the single “Feelin’ Dangerous”. On this song, Dacian comments:

The song sets the tone with a dark mood but stays upbeat enough to give it that bubble gum emo punk flavor that engages mainstream audiences. With melodic guitars and passionate vocals, Feelin’ Dangerous defines the possibility of “what if” and “what could have been” and croons about taking chances on nothings that turn into somethings.

Picture by Paul Bostrom Photography 
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