The Ocean Cure talk about their song, “Divided”!

Based in Toronto, Canada, The Ocean Cure offer a vast sound of post-hardcore and metalcore sensibilities, with a dash of prog and a sprinkle of pop.

The Ocean Cure.png

Following the release of Daydreamer, The Ocean Cure are back with a brand new EP, “RE: Discover”, out since June 14th 2019. We’re today introducing you guys to the band’s single “Divided”, taken from their new record!

On this song, the band comments:

Divided is the fun song on the record. It’s definitely amongst the lighter of our music, and showcases our love for pop-punk. We wanted to show that as a band you shouldn’t have to confine yourself to a specific “standard” within the genre you play. I think that a lot of people who listen to heavy music also appreciate a song that has a bit more of a melodic feel to it. This is a song that is super melodic, but still captures everything that The Ocean Cure is as a band.”

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