Kevin Tiah releases heavy duet ‘Into Our Peace’

Kevin Tiah’s creative drive manifests in a myriad of forms. The Sydney based multi-genre music artist composes within multiple styles as he works towards the release of his ambitious album.

Kevin Tiah

His next single “Into Our Peace” has found its roots in alternative rock, that features folk, jazz and pop artist, Jamie MacMillan.

Into Our Peace” revives a rare sound in the world of duets by combining elements from Hard Rock, Metalcore and Djent Riffs, while contrasting the upbeat instrumentals with a more gentle vocalisation.

Amongst the churning riffs, “Into Our Peace” is a shared depiction of growth through a depressive episode. The lyrics places a focal point on the seeking the positive light in all negative circumstances, and bringing an uplifting energy to those around you.

On this single, Kevin comments: “When you feel you’ve reached rock bottom, life will only get better from there. If you can learn to live through a storm, you can help others do the same too”.

Into Our Peace” is officially available since July 19th!

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