The Band Gooch have unveiled their new single, “Modern High”!

Salt Lake City-based, punk-infused rockers, The Band Gooch, have unveiled their adrenalized single, “Modern High”, taken from their debut album “Modern High”.

The Band Gooch.png

The band collaborated with Trevor Price of The Lounge Recording to craft this collection. The record is a commentary on modern society, with each song capturing a unique emotion and a message meant to “inspire, motivate, and ultimately elevate humanity.

The Band Gooch gets their title from the last name of primary songwriters and band founders, Jared and Jordan Gooch. The two brothers started writing music together while working on a love song for Jared’s wedding, and they have not stopped ever since.

They strive to create music that’s “relatable, real, and above all else, true.” Inspired from 90s rock bands like Green Day, Collective Soul, Nirvana, and various others, they have set out to make the “truest” music they can. They create an atmosphere where anyone and everyone can meet and bond, a community where strangers become family through music in its purest form.

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