TTNTBF talk about their recently-released debut album, “Neverest”!

Things That Need To Be Fixed (TTNTBF) is a five-piece from Munich, Germany. They mix pop-punk, metalcore and rap elements. I got the chance to interview the whole band about their recently-released debut album, “Neverest”. Check out what they had to say below!

Things That Need To Be Fixed

Hello, Things That Need to Be Fixed! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. How are you guys doing?

We could go for a massage otherwise we’re good!

Your debut album, “Neverest” has just been released!! How exciting is that?

FloI’m really happy to finally be able to play this Album live. That’s exciting cause I’m a drummer but also sing a lot of main vocals on the new Album. It was really cool to be able to write much of the lyrics and vocals instead of just being the rhythm. We shut ourselves in with Kle to write “scars like these” for example. It was a different duo of us writing each day. That made it interesting to get different ideas and make each of us feel included in the writing of the album.

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How long have you worked on this record?

AdriGood question. As a matter of fact i already have no idea how long we have effectively worked on the album ^^. I think we partied too for our videos and i can’t retain information anymore. Kle, when did he start with the songs? One of the parts must have been left from 2016.

KleThat’s right, Adri an I are in Things the longest. A lot of the parts are just riffs or loops each member put into our creative pool. The preproduction only took 2 weeks in our practice space. We had the songs fully recorded, arranged and vocals on top. The extended recording session in the studio, added songwriting, mixing,mastering must have taken us a good 6 months. Then there was a lot of waiting and bureaucracy.

Would you mind introducing “Neverest” to our readers? What kind of songs can they indeed expect on your record?

Alf: Basically, you can imagine it like 5 little boys, with the same love for sweets, being shut in a candy store, with only one easy requirement: Put together a big bag of anything you like. 5 guys with bright eyes, full of energy and no inhibitions. That’s exactly how it is with this album, except that the candy is music. If you do not have a label yet, you can really put everything into your songs whatever you want. That’s great ! Of course, every band says it does so , but on our record every song is completely different. As are we as a band 😉 So our songs can differ a little bit in genre but still have the general feel that it’s our own THINGS sound.

As a red and important thread, however, the poppunk runs through every songs fiber. We also love breakdowns and shouts, but each song should have at least one part that can be sung along to. That’s important to us. As mentioned above, there are of course many heavy metalparts. But what is new this time are various rap parts in the songs. Why do you do that? Well, because we can. We’re not held back by any genre expectation or label-commitee that sais we have to do what’s expected of us.

So on Neverest there is definitely a lot to discover, whether you are into each genre or not. If you like to play air guitar but also love being in a moshpit, usually sing along to catchy melodies in your car or just like to wallow in your selfpitty to a sad song, then you should listen to the album at least 3 times. It’s for you as much as it is for us.

Which song is the one that, according to you, best represents the spirit of this album?

Kle: That’s gotta be “Breaking Barriers”. It’s a mix most of the genres we love. It also carries the message that we want to break genre boundaries and personal limitations that are put on us in everyday life. The song gets you ready for the sometimes emotionally heavy themes on the album but still carries a lightness that brings you up with positivity.

I’m sure you have at least one funny story from your recording sessions to share with us!

Thomson: There’s a good and a bad one. First the bad;
We actually had no bass when we started recording. Our own bass broke down exaxtly on day one we sould have started with the basslines. We found a good replacement but that had not been played for years so we had to get that one repaired. On bringing it in to the shop they told us it is not made for our heavy tuning and wouldn’t fit the thicker strings we play! So they had to refit the whole neck to Dropped Tuning. It was a freaking odyssee and we had to wait for a week plus reschedule the whole bass recording sessions to the end of the album production.

Alf: The second one is we got to know Jakob (Through the Fire guestvocals) when we asked our fans on insta who they’d like to hear on the album. The suggested we must do a featuring with him (Stonem).  So we connected and a few days later just wrote the part with him in the studio. We’re pretty close since then and even shot a video with him. The same goes for the second feature with Darius (Heruin). It was great getting to know other bands through the featuring.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Flo: We hope you get something out of our album! Music helped us a lot through our lives and we think we can give this positivity back to fellow spirits. If you have a hard time right now don’t give up, you’re not alone! We also love feedback and if people have the guts to tell us what they like but also where we could improve! So check us out and get in touch.

Band picture by Dennis Wiese
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