Ska punks Jokes For Feelings unveil their new single, “Vitamin Girl”!

The San Francisco Bay Area Punk and Ska scenes are now the things of legend and modern music history.

Jokes for Feelings.png

And, it’s a phenomenon that Ska-Punk standouts Jokes For Feelings have long been heavily involved in – and helped form – the movement, particularly the latest “4th Wave” Ska scene.

Vitamin Girl” is the band’s recently released single, that can be streamed below. It’s an ode to all-nighter clubbing days of yore, finds the band’s inhabiting a more pop-rock direction reminiscent of 90s alt rock like Green Day, Cracker or Weezer.

Rock guitar riffs from Josh and Billy Raphael are at the core of this alt radio-friendly track. The energetic drumming magic of Tony Acosta and lively bass punctuations transform the track into an infectiously danceable gem.

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