Punk rockers Screw Houston convey an important message with single “Midway”!

Screw Houston are a Dutch punk rock band based between Utrecht and Brabant.

Screw Houston

The band formed in 2009 as a post-hardcore group, changing their sound a few years down the line as it headed down an anthemic, alternative punk rock path which takes its cues from modern day greats such as Foo Fighters, Hot Water Music and The Menzingers.

The guys have recently unveiled a single, titled “Midway”, that carries an important message. “More and more plastic is polluting the oceans. Beaches are turning into plastic beaches. Animals are dying with a ton of plastic in their bodies.

This song is not only about the plastic island Midway but a call to not bury our beautiful nature with our crap. It’s time to end this! Be aware of what you are buying and please clean up after yourself.

Picture by Smooth Sailor Productions
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