Bad Buzz talk about their track “If It’s Right”!

The recently released 5-song EP by Toronto’s Bad Buzz is exactly the kind of alt-punk grit that fans have come to expect from the marginally handsome quartet.

Bad Buzz

They’ve successfully carved out a refreshing new voice within a genre whose audience hasn’t gotten any younger over the past two decades, all while staying true to the blend of catchy, fist-pumping rock jams found on their debut LP “Far From Home” (2017).

If It’s Right” is the 3rd track on Bad Buzz’s recently released 5-song EP “Try Harder”, out since May 31st 2019. On this song, the band comments:

Each of the 5 songs on the EP draw on different influences across the punk rock spectrum. “If It’s Right” is in the same vein as pop punk pioneers Green Day and Offspring, but also packs a hard rock and roll punch. It was recorded live off the floor at Boxcar Sound Recording in Hamilton, ON with producer Matt Gauthier, who worked with us on our debut LP.”

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