Discover Eyes Wide Open’s album, “The Upside Down”!

Eyes Wide Open have recently revealed their third studio album, “The Upside Down”.

Eyes Wide Open

The Swedish melodic metalcore outfit has won fans hearts far beyond the Swedish forests and since the start in 2011 they’ve released two full-length albums and toured through all of Europe, as well as played at the biggest Swedish metal festivals.

The Upside Down” is an album that reflects the upside- down flipped world that the band is perceiving all around them. Close to a concept album, the listener is invited on a sci- fi inspired journey in the search for personal dreams, but also a confrontation with both fears and demons.

The Upside Down is the dark dimension that divides us from the monsters inside. We coexist in both these dimensions simultaneously and the reason for our prosperous careers isn’t always driven by the good natured human side.

Photo: Christoffer Gisselfeldt
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