Weed Dealer unveil their EP track by track!

Weed Dealer’s musical genre, is the equivalent of early 00’s pop punk nostalgia, heard through the tatters of that old band t-shirt you picked up at a gig when you were 15 and just can’t throw away.

Weed Dealer.png

The band’s debut EP, “The Chain”, is available since May 9th on various digital platforms. The band is now here to unveil more info about all the songs present on the album:

Algorithm & Blues’, talks about Instagram Idealism, the toll it takes on one’s mental health and how comparison is the killer of joy (Even when you’re comparing your struggle to makes ends meet, in an expensive city, with the social media feeds of wealthy acquaintances who make you feel like you’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile in your life).

Wasting Your Time’ is about disappearing off the social radar and being a shit friend (or at least, feeling like you’re being a shit friend and letting those thoughts consume you. Who doesn’t love a little selfflagellation?).

Common Taste’, an ironic “meta-song” about new bands writing music and trying to be original, but who end up emulating whatever the current overseas wave has to offer because sadly, “it’s all been done before”.

And lastly, ‘Note To Self’, a ballad that deals with depression, substance abuse and hypocritically doling out advice to others that you, yourself, don’t actually take. The lyrics are as honest and painfully self-aware as you’ll get.

Band picture by Marnus Strydom
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