Saint Evil Street – “Cursed” (EP review)

The new EP from Saint Evil Street is intriguing to say the least. What stands out immediately is the subtlety that the instruments are played with.

Saint Evil Street

I say this because while the band is clearly a hard rock group, the overall approach isn’t an “in your face” assault but rather a tapestry of varying dynamics. It totally works as the songs never risk fatiguing the listener with a monotonous sound.

The lyrics are fine and so are the vocals. They speak of mostly relationship-related topics and take a darker view of them (which should be somewhat obvious considering the record is entitled Cursed).

If there is anything I would critique is that there isn’t a standout lyric on this record. It is that intangible thing that every band works for, to have a lyric or set of lyrics that define the album and give the audience a connecting point. It’s something the band should work on to really bump up their songwriting to the next level in my opinion.

Criticism aside the record is a solid listen and worth your time. It doesn’t re-invent the wheel but it doesn’t destroy it either.

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