Discover The Keeks’ latest single, “All We Want Is Just To Play”!

The Keeks are a rock band hailing from Bayonne, France. The guys have recently released their single “All We Want Is Just To Play”, that you can indeed discover below!

The Keeks.png

On this release, the band comments:

All We Want Is Just To Play is a pizza song. What is a “pizza song”? A song that you “eat” too fast, and that you may forget right after finishing it. You love it because it’s basic and full of “too much””.

190 BPM, energic drums, a simple melody, high gain on guitars and impecfect voices, that’s exactly what The Keeks offers with their new single!

The song has been written after that Owen, our lead singer and composer, discussed with a record company which explained him that this type of rock music is super interesting but not very creative. As a humorisitic answer, Owen wrote this song with 2 goals: finding a powerful riff and writting the story of most of the bands in the place. Most of the bands dream of playing in stadiums, 100% of them finally plays in bars.

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