Learn more about Knifey’s single, “Shallow”!

KNIFEY was formed in 2016 by like-minded pals, Phil Linton and Max Trinz in downtown Toronto. The duo bonded over mind-numbing 9-5s, gluttonous weekend binges, and a revolving door of failed relationships.


Together, they created beached, an eight song LP paying tribute to surfey punk and fast-paced guitar riffs. We’re today introducing you the band’s single, titled “Shallow”.

On this song, the band comments:

Shallow is a story about living in a city that constantly feels the need to follow a trend rather than walk its own path. It examines a decision that we all face at some point – to bet on ourselves or to take the easy road and fit in.

We wanted the video to not take itself too seriously. Playing in front of a blank green screen represents the heart of the song; the fear of becoming a blank canvas, overwriting your personality just to fit in instead of staying true to yourself.

The album title refers to the stark realization that many of us have been wandering half-consciously through our lives; we’ve been drinking too much, looking at our phones too often, and taking the important things – friends, family, health – for granted.

Ultimately, it’s the highs and lows of pursuing a well-balanced life that is at the core of sleepwalker.”

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