Down For Tomorrow have recently unveiled their new single, ‘Thanks To You’!

Sydney-based pop-punk quartet Down For Tomorrow have recently unveiled ‘Thanks To You’, the gripping title track lifted from their forthcoming sophomore EP.


Thanks To You’ opens with delicately strummed guitar and the earnest vocals of front man Cody Stebbings, before launching into a full scale assault of meticulously composed ferocious drums, searing guitars and angst driven melodies. The song itself is a kitchen sink drama that recalls a story of broken friendship.

Stebbings describes the motivation behind ‘Thanks To You’:

‘Thanks To You’ explores the feelings of anger and confusion I had at a time when a very important friendship in my life abruptly ended. It starts off, word for word, with me recounting the text I woke up to that morning, and trying to understand why this person no longer needed me in their life, when they were still such a huge part of mine. The song is about one-way friendships and the effect it can have in someone who invests a lot of time into someone who couldn’t return it”.

What Happened to your Band?



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