Colourblind talk about their single, “Roles”!

Colourblind is a 4-piece rock outfit emerging from Canada’s most popular music city, Toronto, Ontario. The band can be described as a combination of lush, soothing melodic passages over the loud roaring steam engine that is their rhythm section.


They craft emotionally intense and melancholic lyricism with riff based rock music that is easily reminiscent to that of golden era of grunge. Colourblind is an honest window into personal growth, focusing on personal relationships, youth in modern society, and self-discovery.

On their song “Roles”, the band comments:

Roles” at a turning point in my life. I kind of realized how I was treating people, and how it could affect the relationships I have with them. I started thinking about my romantic relationship with my partner and how unfair I can be at times, and decided to write a song from their perspective. Feeling alone, lost, unwanted, trying to push forward through all of these things.

I tried to incorporate some role reversal techniques that would be used in therapy such as “mirroring” and the feeling of disconnect you might feel after having to go through therapy to stay together. All in all I use this song as a reminder to be better.

Band picture by Matthew Guarrasi
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