Learn the story behind Coming Clean’s single “Pharmacophobia”!

Coming Clean is a 4-piece pop-punk band that first formed in 2015, playing cover songs in a gear-ridden 3rd floor bedroom in downtown Toronto.

Coming Clean TO

Their energetic brand of pop-punk takes cues from bands like New Found Glory, Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep, as evidenced by their fast-paced drums, heavily distorted guitars, and catchy vocal hooks that mix old-school and new-school styles for a sound that’s entirely their own.

The guys have recently unveiled their new single and video, “Pharmacophobia”, that you guys can indeed discover below! On this song, the band comments:

The main theme of “Pharmacophobia” is dealing with anxiety and depression. While trying to keep up appearances and convince everyone (including yourself) that everything is fine. Towards the end of the song, the lyrics talk about finding the strength to start making some changes and taking the first steps on the long road to recovery.

Band picture by Quade Beltran
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