Warfaith – “Pint of Pils” (EP review)

Warfaith is a French thrash metal band formed in 2012 by five friends who all have the same state of mind: To always have a good time! The guys recently revealed their new EP, “Pint of Pils”, and here’s what our reviewer Derek had to say about it!


The newest release from the thrash metal group Warfaith is a confusing one to say the least. The positives on this record are the great use of blast beats on the drums, the thunderous bass lines, and really great chunky guitar riffs. Where the record goes off the rails is in its thematic focus, which seems to shift way too often. I can’t tell whether the group wants to make a statement or to have fun and ultimately seem to suffer from an identity crisis.

Sometimes the arrangements and production get away from the band as there is somewhat of a “loose” interpretation of where the notes should fall within the time signatures. It feels like the vocals and sometimes the guitars are behind the beat rather than surgically on the beat like a good thrash band should be. The vocals are fine, but not very memorable unfortunately.

I know of all people how hard writing music is so I don’t want to just come across as negative in this review. I just think that Warfaith needs to take the decent foundation they have and figure out their identity as a band. Additionally, they need to work on getting a tighter sound and somewhat clearer production. While a raw sound might work for garage rock and certain punk genres, metal requires clarity that this record lacks.

My opinion is just one of the thousands that are out there, however, and you should listen to Warfaith to see what you think for yourself.

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