Get to know the punk rockers Ready Set Survive!

Ready Set Survive is a punk rock band based out of San Diego. The guys took some time to answer a couple of questions for us. Check out what we talked about below, in our new interview!

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Hello, Ready Set Survive! Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hi guys and gals! We’re Troy, Sean, Moe, and Regina and we’re Ready Set Survive, a high energy, melodic punk rock band from San Diego, CA. It seems that everyone always asks, “who do you sound like?” or “who are your influences?”, which are understandable questions for a non-national, independent band like us. So, let’s just say we sound about as punk as Rise Against, with a touch of rock like Foo Fighters, with a bit of pop rock like Jimmy Eat World, and also some energetic stage charisma like Story of the Year.

We have a ton of musical influences as well, ranging in styles from hip hop, to classical, to country, believe it or not, and some of those influences can be detected in our songwriting. We take our song writing process very seriously but also like to have fun and enjoy ourselves. This is a passion for each one of us and collectively we encourage one-another in a very collaborative and drama-free process. We truly thrive and find the most reward in seeing our fans having fun at our shows, so we like to keep it fresh, interesting, and memorable.

How would you describe the punk rock scene in San Diego?

It’s incredible! With punk rock staples like Blink 182 and Unwritten Law, and the support of awesome radio hosts like Tim Pyles, and a multitude of great venues to play, how can a musical community not be incredible? We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the best punk rock bands–(and nicest people I might add)—that we’d ever played with, some of them in their 30’s and 40’s and some of them just starting out and with more talent than we could ever hope to have. I won’t name names, but if asked to, we could easily name over 2 dozen bands (like us) that are talented, tight, and marketable enough to play music professionally, if given the chance.

On top of that, you have volunteer organizations like Rocktoc and San Diego Punk that conduct interviews, host podcast, and sponsor events that help to unite the scene. Troy also hosts a podcast called Palapalooza, which interviews independent bands and has them play “unplugged” acoustic sets underneath his backyard Palapa. Being connected in a musical community is great for the individual band as well as for the whole scene. After all, a rising tide raises all ships. I’ll also add that having fantastic fans, friends, and family is paramount and is most definitely evident in this San Diego Punk Rock scene.

You dropped, back in February, a lyric video for your song “Young and Dumb”. What’s the story behind this song?

With the exception of our drummer who is getting married in June this year, each of us is already married and two of us have kids, so needless to say, we’re not really “young” anymore. In my opinion, this song is a throwback to the “glory days” of doing stupid stuff as a teenager and young adult and not realizing the potential effects of those stupid actions.

The song took each of us a bit outside of our comfort zones from a subject-matter and lyrical content standpoint. It’s a bit superficial, which is part of the intent. Musically it’s also a bit out of our normal realm. The vocals and guitar give it has more of a pop-rock feel, the bass is mostly slap, the violin adds a creative contrast, and there’s also cowbell in it! We like this song a lot, and many of our fans do as well, which is great and most appreciated. It’s fun, easy to sing to, and is easily one of our best songs recorded to date.

 ** Lyric video produced by Mario J Rivera of Nights Like Thieves. 

Why did you decide to unveil a lyric video rather than releasing a music video?

Easy answer… cost and time. With a lyric video all you really need is the mastered backing track (the song), the lyrics, and a skillful video editor. With a music video, there’s much more planning, pre-production, location research, lighting, video shoots, casting, script writing, and other stuff that takes more time and funds to accomplish. And since we were aiming for a February release for both the song and a video of some sort, we opted to do the lyric video and honestly, we’re very happy we did. There’s actually a music video for this song envisioned and in the preproduction phase. So, a music video is coming. It will just take some time.

How would you describe the writing process you have within the band?

Collaborative, creative, and forgiving. It’s hard to work on something privately for what can be months or even years and then bring it to a floor of other very talented and creative people. A song, when it’s new, is like a toddler: innocent, unknowing, and clumsy. In its raw form, a new song can either hit well with others or fall flat on its face. That said, we try to make the writing process as relaxed and judgement-free as possible.

Most of our songs are written first on guitar by Troy, with an idea of a vocal melody and lyrics, then brought to the rehearsal room and arranged by the whole band. Then lyrics are refined and finalized. Each of us has input. Troy and Sean have also co-written a few songs, and Moe had an idea for a riff that became the main riff for one of our songs. We’re all very creative people, so we try to capitalize on that creativity in our songwriting.

Would you mind sharing the rest of your plans for 2019?

Be on TV, be on the radio, open for The Ataris, play more killer shows, make great friends and contacts in the scene, release a music video, begin recording an acoustic album, and write and refine songs. Those are the “plans”. We’d like to play a festival or two, perhaps Kaaboo or Switchfoot BroAM. But we’ll see how that goes.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

TO ALL “SURVIVORS” AND ANYONE WHO’S SUPPORTED US ALONG THE WAY… THANK YOU ALL!!!  We are very excited and grateful to be a part of this scene and have your support. You’re truly what makes all of this hard work worth it!

ALL local/independent bands out there should contact Troy to be on Palapalooza! Whether you are already famous or just starting out, Troy is a great host and treats you very well and you can only gain experience and exposure by being on his podcast.

Lastly, we are excited to announce a new line of “From the Grave” merchandise (shirts specifically). Visit our facebook page to pre-order yours now! Thank you!

*Band picture taken at House of Blues San Diego
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