Get to know Skip Curtis with his single, “Messed Up”!

Growing up in the South Wales Valley’s, Skip Curtis found ideological escapism in writing music. He adopted the Welsh poet David Hughes’ famous riposte ‘Ambition is Critical’ as a mantra to create music.

Skip Curtis.png

I never wanted music to be a way of physically escaping the Valleys. I love them. It was about escaping the stereotype. I was always trying to do something different; playing music and writing songs became my answer. They were and still are, my satisfaction.”

We’re today introducing you guys to his single “Messed Up”, that you can indeed discover below. This brooding, introspective song about willing self-destruction straddles a sound somewhere between angst-ridden singer songwriter, Elliott Smith, and the energetic alt-rock of artists like Blossoms, James Bay, The Cure and fellow Welsh Valley boys, The Manic Street Preachers.

The lyrics focus on an internal conflict, an admission of weakness and unworthiness that comes laced with hints of martyrdom. ‘I can’t find my appetite, I’m so pale and nothing looks right – I’m messed up, I missed the feeling.’ ‘It’s a kind of weird selfish love song’ says Skip, ‘about trying to go down in flames but apologising for it at the same time.’

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Photo by @emily.jaynephoto