Alpine Loop talk about their new single “Fire Escape”!

We’re back today with a brand new interview with the punk rockers Alpine Loop, hailing from Utah. The guys are here to talk about their new single “Fire Escape”, as well as their upcoming projects for 2019. Check out what they had to say below!

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Hello, Alpine Loop! Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Alpine Loop began with three brothers. Travis Casper on guitar and vocals, Brian Casper on bass and vocals, and Logan Casper on drums. Last year we picked up a good friend Caleb Mcbride on Lead Guitar who has now become a wonderful 4th.

We all grew up on pop-punk and are aiming to bring back the classic, up-beat, guitar rift driven, and catchy choruses of our favorite bands. Some of our musics’ Inspirations include bands like Blink 182, ADTR, Hedley, New Found Glory, and Fall Out Boy. While we hope to create high energy songs that you can head-bang to, we also sing about serious content in attempt to shed some light on modern issues.

How would you describe the punk rock scene in Utah?

“Thankfully we have gathered a steady following of like-minded individuals, at least in a musical sense. At our shows I think we carry a heavy nostalgia factor for a lot of people. The music we write are the songs we grew up listening to as teenagers. Back then these songs were also popular to the older kids and It is still surprising to see a grown man moshing and dancing in the pit! We hear comments like “You guys sound like Blink-182 or New Found Glory!” and think it’s just a huge compliment!” – Caleb (Lead Guitar)

“The Punk scene is small but charismatic with truly great musicians and fun personalities. We’ve really enjoyed playing with bands like Untamed Engine, Footlight Parade, The Departure, New Primal’s, and many more.” – Logan (drummer)

“Fire Escape” is your brand new single. Would you mind introducing this song? What’s the story behind it?

Fire Escape was written by Brian Casper, the second oldest of the three brothers in Alpine Loop. He says, “Fire Escape is about starting fresh. Sometimes you experience so much heartache or dejection that the only logical thing to do is burn everything down and start again. Sometimes you have to figure out what’s weighing you down in your life and cut it out completely, then use the experience to become a better, happier person. I guess the song is about self respect, because I think everyone deserves to be treated well, both by others and by themselves.

Should we expect an EP or album anytime soon?

Absolutely! We are in the thick of creating our first full length album and you can expect it to be released in the early winter of 2019. The songs will be of similar style to our single “Fire Escape” although there will be a good amount of variety. (collective comment).

How would you describe the writing process you have within the band?

“As a band our focus on writing has been on songs that connect us personally with our listeners. We try to keep our lyrics focused on real emotions and feelings that may be hard to communicate in other ways. With that in mind we have collaborated songs from different band members and worked through them as a group to give them the strongest delivery possible through music. We try to keep it upbeat and fun while still delivering what we feel to be a powerful message.” – Travis (Lead vocals and guitar)

Would you mind sharing the rest of your plans for 2019?

The plan is to work hard on getting this album done. Once we’ve made something beautiful and polished we hope to go tour it around the western United States and hit the ground running!

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Who doesn’t love high energy music that you can sing along to and be inspired by? We hope to bring something new yet nostalgic to the table with our music. The world hasn’t changed much since this style of music first became popular, people are still just as self-absorbed as ever. Doesn’t the world need punk music to make a comeback!?

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