Hear a preview of the “Bridging Oceans” punk split with 4 new tracks!

The French punks Bare Teeth will soon unveil an international punk split, along with amazing bands such as Nerdlinger (Australia), Down Memory Lane (Canada) and Shames (Japan).

“Bridging Oceans” - Split Visual

While waiting for this promising split to be out, each band has revealed an exclusive track, that you can indeed discover below! On Bare Teeth’s song “Running Wild”, Greg comments:

Running Wild is a special song about depression and loneliness. It was written by Tom, our bass player. He not only wrote the music, but also the lyrics and he is the main singer on this track. It’s a big step forward with Bare Teeth, as I used to write all the lyrics.

The split, titled “Bridging Oceans”, will be out on April 26th via 4 labels. Pee Records (Australia), Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK), Thousand Islands Records (Canada). And Attractive Records (Japan). So make sure you save the date!

Artwork by Pete Pee.

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