Earthstate – Earthstate (debut album review)

The French band EARTHSTATE considers themselves to be an amalgam of numerous stylistic influences.


These most prominently include alt-rock, metalcore, and pop-punk which are apparent from the start of their debut record. EARTHSTATE is strongest throughout this record when showcasing their musical abilities, namely in melodic and harmonic interactions between the instruments. The arrangements also have a strong ambient feel to them, which is refreshing as it allows the songs to breathe in a way that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

The vocal aspects of the songs are serviceable but suffer from a lack of “hooks.” Some songs have memorable lines in the choruses, but this doesn’t happen as often as it should (in my opinion). The reason why bands like Atreyu and other metalcore groups get such massive followings is in large part due to the catchy hooks in their songs. This is something that I’d personally like to see EARTHSTATE work on in the future as it is preventing their music from being great instead of just good.

Overall this debut record is a decent showing from a band that has a lot of potential. Given time to sharpen their songwriting, namely in lyrics and melodic hooks, there won’t be much to stand in EARTHSTATE’s way from becoming a success. I do think this record is worth listening to and do not want my criticism to take away from the many positives that this band has to offer.

It is a fine debut record and hopefully only a starting point from which the band can grow from!

Review written by Derek Kortepeter from Amherst Drive
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