Third Time Luckie unveil details about their song ‘Love & Violence’!

Third Time Luckie or 3TL for short is a 3-piece ‘pop rock’ band from the south coast of England. Often described as a ‘pop-punk’ or ‘power pop’ 3TL specialise in creating energetic catchy tunes for all to enjoy.

Third Time Luckie.png

We are today introducing you to the band’s song ‘Love & Violence’, that you can indeed discover below. This song is off of the band’s upcoming EP, Face the Beast, out on May 6th 2019. On this song, the band was kind enough to comment:

The story revolves around a fiction character who’s day-to-day life is full of people who are less than caring. The person longs to be reunited, and to runaway with their childhood sweetheart.

The track started out as a bit of a jam track during rehearsals, with the aim of expanding beyond classic 00’s pun sound into something more substantial syncopated drums and bass under a picked guitar, the rhythm stuck in our heads we kept coming back to it.

Lyrically, this one started out with the title before the story or content. Sonically, it felt like the music sat in that space between optimism & loss, similar to how the likes of Alkaline trio can mix romance and the macabre in their songs. The lyrics then formed out of a variety of drafts for other songs, which are always in the works, to the story through a slightly opaque filter, to give the listener a little room for interpretation.

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