Molly’s Kiss reveal the story behind the artwork of “A Piece Of Us”!

A few weeks ago, the folk rockers Molly’s Kiss revealed their debut album, “A Piece Of Us”. The band is now here to reveal the story behind the artwork.

Molly's Kiss

We like the graphic approach of the artworks that were made in the 90s (our youth!). Photos that challenged, which aroused curiosity… Sometimes with a message, sometimes lighter, more abstract images. We think for example of Odelay’s dog (Beck), the baby of Nevermind (Nirvana), the monk of Rage Against the Machine… Here, shoes symbolize, among other things, our desire to travel with music (both literally and figuratively).

Sending shoes on electrical wires, it’s a hobby in America! The picture was taken by Madeline at Venice Beach, Los Angeles. What is also funny, is that this ritual raises many myths, strange explanations… Some will see it as a simple form of distraction, of challenge; others talk about signs between criminal gangs… But nobody has the end of the story!

Molly's Kiss - Album Artwork.jpg

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