Median are sharing with us their latest single “Runner”!

Philadelphian-bred band Median are revealing their latest single “Runner” via Free Dive Records. This is the first single since dropping their “Shortsighted” EP in July 2018.


Runner, began as a conscious decision to not be affected by someone anymore. Even if you come out on top of a situation, holding onto malicious feelings can be as detrimental to your progress as the situation you are in the first place.” says Sabatino.

Runner, reminds people that change is a part of life and that’s okay. But it’s about how you deal with the adversity and use it to better yourself. Sabatino added, “Sometimes it takes a stronger person to forgive rather than gloat and I look at Runner as my ray of finality for myself and the person involved.

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Picture by Hailey Bruinsma Photography