Pop-punks Dial Drive talk about their single, “Missed Call”!

Formed in the late Summer of 2016, Dial Drive is a Pop Punk band based out of Orlando, FL. You can listen below to the band’s song “Missed Call”, taken from their new record “Wasted Time”.

Dial Drive.png

The theme behind Missed Call is loss and regret. It’s the most emotional song on our new record for sure. I wrote the song as a way to get out the sadness and frustration I felt thinking about the friends I’ve lost to suicide or drug overdoses. I’ve never been the “talk about it” person, so I use songwriting as a way to vent feelings”, explains vocalist Jake LeDrew.

He continues: “Missed Call is about a couple people in particular, but I feel that the song is very relatable. Since we released this new record, I’ve received so many messages about Missed Call. This was a tough one to complete, I actually think it’s the last song on the album that we finalized as a band before we started recording.

I got pretty personal with the lyrics, so I was almost apprehensive about people hearing it. The loss of a loved one, and the regret that someone can feel when they’re gone, is unfortunately a feeling that people can relate to. So even though the song is sad lyrically, it’s been great to hear that so many people have been able to enjoy it and connect to it.”

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