Ben Cohen talks about his single, “It’s True”!

Ben Cohen is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who hails from just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. His debut EP was released back in February and we’re today introducing you to “It’s True”, the first song off of the EP.

Ben Cohen

On this song, Ben Cohen reveals:

This song grew out from a fun, Weezer-esque riff and chorus that I wrote in high school. The song is about a guy who loves this girl who seems to be playing with his heart for fun. He recognizes this, but keeps insisting that the girl actually loves him back. By the end of the song, his reasoning starts to make sense, and he sounds less hopelessly optimistic and more confident in their shared love.

I really tried to maintain the rawness punk-pop of the guitar riff while adding some extra vocals to sweeten it up: the backing vocals on the choruses and bridge, as well as the vocal doubling in the chorus really fill out the sound. The guitar riff that I wrote in high school is still central to the song —it’s triple-tracked on the record— and its placement on the guitar still gives it a fun energy that I hope everyone can hearing radiating through the song.

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