Hometown Losers (pop punk) talk about their track, “Windows XP”!

For those who didn’t know them, Hometown Losers are a 5-piece emo, pop punk band from Miami, Florida.

Hometown Losers.png

The guys have recently unveiled a track titled “Windows XP”, that you can indeed discover below. This song is off the band’s sophomore EP, “Hindsight”.

On this song, the band comments:

Windows XP started off as a demo for another band. At the time, our current guitarist, Christian Carillo, and drummer, Emmanuel Gonzalez, were going to use the song for a different project, but William convinced them to use this song with Hometown Losers, thus forming our new five members.

The song alludes to different Windows and digital themes to highlight how the narrator escapes from his problems, especially with a specific love interest, by using the internet or playing video games.

Photo: Diego Rubio
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