Stream Tiny Kingdoms’ recently released EP, “Space Camp | Cadets”!

Tiny Kingdoms is the result of 4 friends who have a deep seeded passion for creating music. Based out of Chicago, the group delicately dances between various genres in an attempt to create a sound all their own.

Tiny Kingdoms.png

With a sound anchored by melodic guitar work and vocal hooks sure give the ears of listeners pure enjoyment, this indie rock quartet will continue to inject their own unique twist on rock music for years to come.

Cadets” is a song taken from the band’s recently released EP, “Space Camp | Cadets”. The latter consists of two tracks: “Space Camp” and “Cadets”. On the closing track “Cadets”, the band comments:

Cadets is a track blending synthesizers and drum machines with the familiarity of indie rock. With soaring, memorabable vocal hooks and spacey yet driving guitars, the song presents listeners with a musical roller coaster ride through the cosmos.”

Check it out without further delay below and enjoy!

Picture by Alex Zarek Art & Design
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