Dead Parrot Society talk about their single, “Dinosaurs Revenge”!

Dead Parrot Society are trying to fight everyday boredom with easy puns and slow punk-rock. A musical blend inspired by hardcore punk, blues, garage rock and classic punk rock.

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Today, we are focusing on their single, “Dinosaurs Revenge” (what a cool name by the way). This song is taken from their second EP, titled “Kitchen Tapes Vol. 2”, out since March 2019. The band was kind enough to give us some background info about this track, and here’s what they had to say:

Dinosaurs Revenge is a protest song about the political state of the climate debate. We picture a scenario where the bones of long dead dinosaurs come back to haunt us. They haunt us as the products of gas and oil production fills the air with exhaust and plastic garbage all around us.

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