Alternative rockers Trank reveal their single “Undress to Kill”!

Active since 2016, TRANK is a French rock band that mixes powerful alternative rock and new wave / cold wave inspirations.

Credits: Gabi Hirit

After a debut EP titled “Midlife Noises”, the band is now back with a new music video for single, “Undress to Kill”!

On this new single and music video, the band comments:

Undress to Kill is like most of TRANK’s songs. It’s about a pretty familiar theme – in this particular case, sex… – but from an unusual point of view. The title obviously refers to the phrase “Dress to Kill” and transposes it in the context of first-time sex between two people. “UN-dress to Kill” because the guy (of course) is obsessed with his own performance, to the point of paying less attention to his partner than his own ego, and finding himself incapable of enjoying what should be a wonderful moment of sharing.

We love to do that sort of thing in our songs. Shedding a new light on something that looks deceivingly simple but really has a paradox at the heart of it. The sort of paradoxes that life throws at you all the time, but so few songs actually talk about them. And we love to bring these paradoxes to life by means of extreme characters to drive the point home. In this case, the narrator in the song pushes his own ego-fuelled obsession with “performance” to the point of cold rage. Which we also love because it gives us an excuse to play the sort of music that TRANK really is about. It’s alternative rock, but it’s inspired by the flamboyance of modern metal and the dark sense of menace of post-punk.

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