Among Legends announce plans to record a full-length album in September!

Ontario pop punk band Among Legends has announced plans to record a full-length album in September 2019, via a Kickstarter campaign!

Among Legends.png

The album will be produced by Siegfried Meier (Face To Face, The Salads, Kittie, DMX, Velvet Revolver), and recorded at Meier’s new studio, The Cat Box, in Cambridge, Ontario.

We decided that just recording an album wasn’t enough,” said Cameron Bechtloff, guitarist of Among Legends. “Sig [Meier] will be producing our album, working with us to help make our songs are the very best they can be. He has a wealth of experience that we can’t wait to start tapping into.”

Among Legends’ Kickstarter campaign features a video from the band, a description of how they plan to create the album, and a list of rewards that range from high-fives and shout-outs to custom, personalized songs.

I hope our Kickstarter strikes the same balance we’ve always strived for: recognizing that fans and supporters are our band’s lifeline, without taking that support for granted,” said Mitchell Buchanan, lead singer of Among Legends.

Nearly ninety percent of this project will still be covered by the band. We’re incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received over the past 3 years, and we all agreed that if we were going to try crowdfunding, we’d do so in a way that reflects the deep appreciation we have for anyone who believes in our music.”

Help the band without further delay HERE!

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