Dear Spring talk about their song, “Absent”!

Hailing from Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs, Dear Spring is a project of dudes who have been friends and band mates for years.

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The band has dropped a single, titled “Absent”, back in December 2018. And you guys can discover the video below if you haven’t watched it yet. This song is taken from the band’s EP, “Nature Meets Nurture”.

On this song, the band comments:

The song is really about relationships in peoples lives and how the absence of those that we love can impact us in different ways. In an abstract way, people can be absent in many ways. Perhaps a friend that has moved far away and has become distant. Maybe a family member who has passed away.

In a less serious way, even a coworker that has stopped contributing to your team and is shifting burden onto others. In every way, this negative space created leaves us behind in limbo, holding onto the presence we once felt, yearning for the comfort of love or support, struggling to fill the space.

Explaining further, they continue: “The events that inspired this song specifically relate to a few of the band members having similar experiences around the same time during the summer of 2017. There was a lot going on and several of us found that people in our lives that had once been very present adding value, love, and support to our lives all of the sudden were distant. I for one felt like I was on the back burner.

The people who mattered to me would leave me hanging with the promise of continued connection, but I was left with an empty space. I myself was guilty of losing touch with friends and reschedules skype session, but forgetting to even dial in due to my busy work schedule and how much time I was spending thinking about the band and working on our music.

After reflecting on all of it I felt it was important to use our music as a vehicle to sort of put the idea out there that people shouldn’t waste other people’s time pretending to still be in it when they are halfway out the door. It’s a waste of your time and theirs. I really think the line that captures it best is “we’re only feet away, but miles apart and I’m trying to close the distance””.

Band picture by Ian Bell
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