Carried Away reveal their new EP, “Start Over”!

Back in summer 2015, a group of friends wanting to pursue their passion for alternative music decided to form a band. Carried Away was born, and there’s been no looking back since!

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The band revealed its new EP, “Start Over”, on February 22nd. This new release is now available on major streaming platforms, so if you haven’t checked it out yet… Hurry up!

On this new release, vocalist Madison comments:

I think Start Over as an EP is a lot of different things, but mainly it’s just a fresh start. It was a way for us as to find our sound or at least some part of it, and to guide us towards what we want as Carried Away.

We went through a lot of losses since releasing our first EP. However, by choice or not, we grew, and changed forever because of it. Picking ourselves back up after all of that, and feeling like we had to sit down and tell ourselves, “to make some huge changes in our lives.” just to get better, was not easy. Overcoming the losses of our friends and family members, and the losses within ourselves became our focus for the EP, and our lives.

Our struggles and fighting with our depression and anxieties, gutted feelings, and all of the sad, was the hurt we tried to let go of on this record. In doing that, we learned about our music and ourselves, and that our differences are actually our strengths. Our different influences, and types of creativity actually brought us to some of our favourite songs off the EP, and taught us that Carried Away doesn’t have to confine to one genre.

What we wanted to illustrate was our experience of loss and mental change within each of us, because of our want to let it go. We wanted to illustrate this pain and these ideas in whatever creative way felt right to us, so we could see how the pain, and our new found strength shaped us. We are so proud of this record, this fresh start and all the music to come!

Check out the bands brand new EP, “Start Over”, below!

Picture by Kishan Mistry Photography
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