The indie rockers Hoax Paradise reveal their new single, “Sober”!

Hoax Paradise is a French quartet in the service of a direct and uncompromising rock, led by a singer with a nervous and sensual voice. Tinted with broad influences, their indie-rock songs cultivate asperities.

Hoax Paradise

After “Les Garçons”, available in the form of a double music video, and “Cry Baby”, the band is now revealing a new release: A music video for their single, “Sober”, taken from their upcoming EP, “Well, Nobody’s Perfect.

On this new single and music video, the band comments:
Sober tells the story of a soul, torn between the love it has for a person and the acceptance to see it destroy itself, facing the various difficulties of life.

The inspiration comes from several stories and several situations where these feelings of love and fate have crossed: A personne we love who no longer has the strength to make efforts. Or sometimes, when we think that it is useless to move forward and that happiness will no longer exist.

By focusing more on the shooting of the video, the band continues:
This music video was a performance for us! As for the music videos for “Les Garçons” and “Cry Baby”, we did it ourselves. The shooting of the video was a very exciting time trial. Between the brainstorming for the realization, the constitution of the team, the location and the shooting, it has only been a short week!

It was during the night of January 1st to 2nd, all well recovered from our New Year’s Day (without any hangovers), that we invested the Japan Bridge of La Défense (France). We had material worthy of a feature film shooting, a passionate video team and a formidable efficiency, we couldn’t hope better. Our only enemy during this shoot was the cold weather. But we fought it with blankets and striking ponchos! Have you ever played drums at 4am at La Défense? We did.

You have no more excuses! “Sober” is now available, since February 27th, on YouTube as well as on major streaming platforms. Enjoy!

Picture Credits: Alex Cbsi

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