Discover now All Hope Remains’ second single, “Unescapable”!

All Hope Remains are a melodic skate punk act who reside across Victoria’s Surfcoast.

All Hope Remains

The trio’s sound embraces influence reminiscent of the 90’s skate punk scene whilst taking on a modern approach to carve their own niche. In short, the sound is fast, melodic and catchy, serving up shameless pop hooks with an angst that could be linked to bands like Rise Against, Strung Out, No Use For A Name and Bodyjar.

In April 2018, All Hope Remains released their debut EP ‘Hindsight’ which was met with plenty of praise throughout the punk rock community both locally and abroad.

With recording now all wrapped up, the guys can’t wait to unleash their latest efforts on their ever-growing fan base. “UNESCAPLABLE” is indeed the second single from their upcoming EP. The song shows the band diverse range with a more rocky pop vibe compared to their first straight up punk single “Hit Rewind”.

Stream without further delay the band’s second single, “UNESCAPLABLE”, below. It’s indeed a real punk rock anthem that will, without a doubt, be stuck in your head for a while.

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