Indie rockers Hoax Paradise unveil a teaser for single “Sober”!

French indie rockers Hoax Paradise reveal today the teasing of their next release: A music video for their new track, “Sober”.

Hoax Paradise.png

It’s indeed after two singles “Cry Baby” and “Les Garçons” that the band marks its comeback with a new music video. The new single, “Sober”, is taken from the band’s upcoming EP, “Well, Nobody’s Perfect.

On this upcoming new single, the band reveals:

Sober tells the story of a soul, torn between the love it has for a person and the acceptance to see it destroy itself, facing the various difficulties of life”.

The new single, “Sober”, along with its music video, will be officially out on February 27th 2019 on major streaming platforms. So make sure you save the date, because you’ll have the opportunity to: Discover the music video, as well as more info on the single and shooting experience!

Picture by Alex Cbsi
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