Rowan reveal their music video for “As Much As You Need Me”!

Rowan is a three-piece conceptual pop punk band from Virginia Beach, VA. The band consists of Horby López (Vocals / Guitar), Jared Whitley (Bass / Vocals), and Donovan Clines (Drums / Vocals).


The band has recently unveiled a new single, titled “As Much As You Need Me”. This song is from the band’s newly released full length, “Act One: The Storm”.

On this release, the band comments:

The entire album tells a cohesive story. “As Much As you Need Me” finds our protagonist, Rowan, living with his father Axel and his two brothers Hatchett and Sawe in a town called Aragona. Rowan’s family are the most twisted sort. Rowan recalls his negative feelings. After his father beats him and leaves him to sleep outside in the falling snow, Rowan curls up inside of an overturned trash can and pours over his thoughts.

As far as the writing process goes, we took great care to make sure that first and foremost we wanted to make sure we enjoyed playing the song. Something that was driving and aggressive in a way that would really grab people’s attention. The song is a sort of amalgamation of some ancient parts our guitarist/vocalist, Horby López, had lying around. It’s sort of our own spin on the Pop Punk meets Metal idea.

Check out the music video for the single “As Much As You Need Me” below and enjoy!

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