Get to know the pop-punks The Losing Score with “Eggshells”!

The Losing Score are three dudes from Shrewsbury, UK that play a mixture of alternative, emo, pop punk and more family classics.

The Losing Score

Recording their debut EP in the Summer of 2018, their year closed with the release of lead single “Alphabet Soup”, soon followed by the 5-track debut. Lead single “Alphabet Soup” shares an emotionally driven narrative with a punchy, raw sound and catchy riffs.

However, coming from a similar vein, “Eggshells” approaches a serious topic with a similarly dark tone, tied together with melodic instrumental breaks and subtle yet sweet backing vocals. Sitting as the second track on the EP, the track wastes no time by diving straight into the serious yet unfortunately common topic of abuse in relationships.

The first line explains the theme of feeling like you are walking on eggshells around someone with the main hook blasting the words “sit, beg and roll”, working as a metaphor for being treated like a pet that should do what they are told, rather than as the other half of a romantic relationship.

With 2019 being the first full year as an active band, The Losing Score aim to make a name for themselves gigging in the UK and working towards their next release.

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