Take the road with the folk rockers Molly’s Kiss!

The UK, the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia… The world and its roads, MOLLY’S KISS has made it their favorite playground.

Molly's Kiss.png

This French duo, composed of Nicolas & Madeline, with a Folk sound, offers us today its first single “FORK ON THE ROAD”, as a preview of a debut album, set to be released on February 13th 2019.

A record of 11 tracks, entitled “A PIECE OF US”, composed and written during the various tours of the band, on the roads around the globe that the two musicians have continued to browse.

This first single, available now on digital platforms, is a true folk anthem, symbol of this upcoming album. The latter will also be available in a physical version via the band’s website.

Focusing on the text, “FORK ON THE ROAD” evokes changes in direction that life sometimes imposes on us, these foreign roads that we suddenly find ourselves borrowing.

On this subject, Nicolas comments:

It’s a song for Madeline, a kind of biography. For the anecdote, her first wish was to be a singer in a metal band… It’s funny because she finds herself today in a folk project. She is not dissatisfied though… Well, I hope so (laughs). This song is a bit like that: Sometimes, you find yourself somewhere when it was not necessarily the basic plan…”.

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