Letters from the Earth reveal their debut single “Fences”!

Letters from the Earth announce their formation with the debut of their single: “Fences”!

Letters from the Earth.png

Primary songwriters Matt Foster (vocals, guitar) and Ben Hirschfield (guitar, keys, synth) have been collaborating together for ten years, including their former act First to Leave. Cameron MacBain (drums) of Stickup Kid, and Morgan Foster (bass), who fulfills bass duties in Elder Brother and is the mastermind behind mysterious cult favorite Mobin’s Child, complete the rhythm section.

Foster’s thoughtful lyrics often study personal stories that begin at a micro level, but evoke broader social and political themes.

Fences” explores the human tendency to isolate and fortify oneself, and the cost with which it comes. Although its lyrics were completed before the present proposal for an American border wall, its themes inspired a video which features images of past and present border walls in Berlin and Gaza juxtaposed with a series of archival war and nature footage.

Fences” was produced and mixed by Hirschfield, whose production resume also includes Against Me!, The Story So Far, and Elder Brother. Letters from the Earth are already in production on a full length album, with more details forthcoming.

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